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Terms and Conditions



Due to organizational and hygienic reasons, the acceptance of pets in our rooms is entirely up to the management on property to decide. Pets are not allowed in our restaurant or bar. 


With the exception of special written provisions drawn up by an authorized person, the present terms and conditions of sales apply to all the services provided by The Harmon House and to all contracts which have been agreed or are to be executed. These terms and conditions are clearly displayed in the premises and are to be found printed on the reverse side of all published documents. They are, thus, deemed to have been sufficiently brought to the notice of clients, contracting parties and third parties.


The rates which have been confirmed in offers remain valid for a period of 3 months. Beyond the deadline, they may be modified in line with economic conditions. The rates which apply are those in force on the day the service is provided.


The hotel manager shall not beheld liable for any damage which may arise following an event which he is unable to foresee (force majeure), in spite of all the necessary precautions, in view of the circumstances and consequences. Nor shall he be held liable for damage caused by mistake, even partial mistake, by the client. Articles 1952 to
1954 quarter of the Civil Code apply with regard to safe-keeping.


The client must behave in accordance with accepted standards and the hotel’s house rules in which he is staying. Any serious or repeated violation of the hotel’s house rules entitlesThe Harmon House to put an end at the contract without prior notification. The client and the contracting party are jointly and severally liable towards The HarmonHouse for any damage caused to persons, hotel property, fittings and equipment and those areas to which the general public has access.


Clients agree to inform the hotel of any change in the use of the rented premises and not to invite any person whose behaviour, reputation or respectability may in any way prejudice the hotel’s property or moral reputation, with the latter reserving the right to intervene if
necessary. In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, The HarmonHouse shall be entitled to cancel the event without compensation.


In order to confirm a guest room a security deposit of 50€ per night, and a valid government-issue photoID will be required upon check-in. The security deposit will cover the total accommodation as well as any incidental charges (such as telephone and restaurant costs) that may be incurred during your stay. Major credit cards are acceptable to establish the deposit. Your credit card will be authorized immediately, and the amount will be blocked on your credit card. Alternatively the deposit, of 50€ per night, can also be paid via a debit card or in cash. In case no incidental charges where incurred The Harmon House will release the remaining amount of the authorization if the deposit was paid via credit card. In case the security deposit was established with a debit card or cash The Harmon House will refund in cash (in € currency).


The client shall only be sent invoices which exceed € 500,00 and then only with written approval beforehand of the hotel. Nonetheless The Harmon House reserves the right to demand prior payment of the bill or corresponding bills. All recapitulative bills or invoices are payable in cash without discount. Such bills or invoices rightfully entitle The Harmon House to charge interest in arrears of 1% per month, without formal notification until full and final payment thereof. In addition, from the time the first formal notification for late payment is sent out, a lump-sum amount equal to 15% of the bill or the invoice with a minimum of € 150,00 may rights be demanded. Any late payment of a single bill or invoice entitles the hotel or any other of The Harmon House establishments to suspend all instructions, all bookings and all services and all sales or delivery, of whatsoever nature.

Payment. All invoices shall be settled by the Client’s customers upon departure, unless otherwise agreed in the attached contract.


In the event of force majeure or unforeseeable event beyond one’s control, (such as and not limited to: acts of God, war, government authority, terrorism, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation or transportation facilities or any other emergency or event beyond control) the hotel is discharged from its obligations, without this giving rise to compensation. However, the hotel agrees to inform the other party via all possible mean so to limit all possible damage.


All complaints must be made in writing by registered post within 7 calendar days after the event. Any complaint received after this period will not be taken into consideration. In the case of disputes or legal proceedings only the courts of Brussels shall have jurisdiction and the laws of Belgium shall be applied in all such disputes.


Please note that the hotel is fully non-smoking. It is thus not allowed to smoke cigarettes, vaping or electronic cigarettes or shisha. In case guests do smoke in the hotel, a fine of €150 for deep cleaning will be charged. Guests are kindly asked not to smoke within 10 meters of The Harmon House’s entrance. The use of candles in the room is strictly forbidden.



A reservation is only regarded as final after receipt of the detailed confirmation order signed ‘FOR APPROVAL’. The hotel will confirm it, by sending a contract demanding an advance payment.

A reservation is only regarded as final after receipt of the signed contract ‘FOR APPROVAL’ and receipt of the 45% (forty five percent) of the total estimated costs as an advance payment.Reservations for which the advance payment is not paid within the stipulated period will be cancelled. An additional payment of 55% (fifty-five per cent) will be demanded 30 days before the arrival date of the group.


Rooming List. The final rooming list will be submitted to The Harmon House in writing at least 14 days prior to the arrival. A detailed list of names, arrival and departure dates and times must be clearly indicated. Further all rooming list reservations are guaranteed for no show and late cancellation by the Client. Individual Call-In.In case a Client’s customer is responsible for its individual room reservation, all unused room allotment will be released at the agreed date. However, theClient may keep the unused allotment if he guarantees the payment for any unconsumed room nights. Modifications. At all times, the client shall inform TheHarmon House in writing of any changes regarding arrival details, e.g. arrival and departure dates, guest name changes. No verbal agreement shall be accepted.No shows & Unexpected departures. The Client shall be liable for any unoccupied room at the agreed contract rate.


The Client must inform The HarmonHouse in writing of the exact number of participants; the modifications may be made as from signature of the contract up to at a max of 5 workdays prior to the date of event and in any event shall not exceed more than in total 10% of the initial number of participants. In case the number of participants or bedrooms increases, the invoice will be made in accordance to the latest confirmed number of participants or bedrooms. All confirmed other revenue will be charged in full. For bedrooms we allow a 5% deviation on the latest confirmed number of bedrooms per night. Residential Meetings: The accommodation contract and the banquet contract are indissociable. Any change reducing the banqueting revenue contracted by more than 20% will ipso facto entail the invalidation of the agreed bedroom rates and the application of international corporate rates. The Harmon House guarantees from its side the provision of 10%more covers than reported in the final number of guests for a group of up to100 persons and 5% extra for a group of 100 upwards. These ‘extra’ places will of course be charged to the client and consequently the actual number of guests present will be invoiced.


Cancellation fees will be sustained according to the following and are not cumulative:

  • From signature of the contract up to 120 days in advance of the function cancellation is 40% of the contracted value.
  • Between 119 days and up to 90 days in advance of the function cancellation is 60% of the contracted value. Between 89 days and up to 30 days in advance of the function cancellation is 80% of the contracted value.
  • Between 29 days and up to 0 days in advance of the function cancellation is 100% of the contracted value. The rooms and conference contract is indivisible. A full cancellation of the rooms     part will result in a full cancellation of the conference part unless     otherwise agreed.
  • For cancellations outside these notice periods, or in excess of these limitations, the penalty is 100% of the contracted room rate for the duration of the stay.
  • for any booking during congress periods and for citywide events The Harmon House reserves the right to adapt its deposit and cancellation terms & conditions

Room block based on individual call in

  • 3.1 The hotel will provide the client with a web link for online bookings at the preferential contracted rate
  • 3.2 Each individual guest will be responsible to reserve and guarantee its own bedroom and will be liable in case of cancellations, no show or early departure.
  • 3.3 Any cancellation that is not communicated in written within 5 working days before the arrival date will not be taken into account and 100% of the stay will be charged. We will charge 100% of the stay for any no show.
  • 3.4 The unused allotment will be released by the hotel as follows:
  • 50% release of non-reserved bedrooms 2 months prior to event,
  • 100% release of non-reserved bedrooms 1 month prior to the event. (Unless otherwise agreed earlier in the contract)
  • 3.5 The rooms and conference contract is indivisible. A full cancellation of the rooms part will result in a full cancellation of the conference part unless otherwise agreed.


  • 5.1 In cases where an event lasts longer or a group stays longer than the agreed time period, The Harmon House reserves the right to invoice for the extra costs.
  • 5.2 All meals, beverages, or other services not included in the booking agreement will be charged by the hotel to the client unless the hotel is informed in writing that these charges must be borne individually. However, where no information is provided regarding these arrangements, all price differences will be charged to the person who signed the agreement.
  • 5.3 The Harmon House reserves the right to adjust prices in the line with economic indicators, changed VAT rates or excise rates and variations in all tax rates and service percentages without previously notifying the client.


  • 6.1 The event must be run in an orderly and civilized manner; the groups as well must behave orderly and in civilized manner; the client will accordingly be held responsible for all damage or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by the event/the group, either in the hall where the event takes place or at any other location in the The Harmon House.
  • 6.2 The Harmon House cannot be held liable for the non- occurrence or only partial occurrence of an event due to ‘force majeure’ or the actions of third parties (strike, fire, robberies, etc.)
  • 6.3 The Harmon House reserves the right without prior notification or reimbursement for damages, to cancel any contract which violates the usual standards of morality or proper conduct, the public order and/or the normal use of the space made available to the client.
  • 6.4 The client undertakes to arrange the necessary insurance cover in connection with his reservation and/or event and present a certificate of insurance prior to the event.
  • 6.5 It is the responsibility of the client to ask the hotel to lock the meeting rooms. The hotel cannot accept any responsibility for meeting materials, or any other items left unattended in the hotel.


  • 7.1 Under no circumstances whatsoever may the client bring drinks into the hotel from the outside which are to be served to his guests. Should the client nevertheless bring such drinks into the hotel, The Harmon House is entitled to charge the client corkage fees.
  • 7.2 All decorations, technical installations and/or adaptations of halls and/or other public spaces may only be undertaken subject to prior written permission from the hotel management.
  • 7.3 The client shall always have the option of submitting his musical accompaniment to the hotel management.
  • 7.4 At the end of each event the client must ensure that all his equipment (his own property or hired equipment) is removed from the hotel premises. Where this does not occur, the hotel will invoice the client with the costs of such removal.


Use of the hotel logo, the hotel name, or any other form of publicity or reference to the name ‘The HarmonHouse’ or the taking or publicizing of photographs relating to the hotel is forbidden without prior permission from the hotel management.

COMPANY NUMBER: BE0467.140.518

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